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Anyone drove past a6 Stockport mcd’s lately!

"Wow after months of single lane traffic down there while they do the roadworks, I've been avoiding the are then yesterday I thought I'd come home up the a6 and to my surprise they've planted more traffic lights! From where Lamborghini Is to turnin..."

When SMBC get their A6 traffic flows wrong!!

"The following is taken from an article covering the reports submitted to the Government that are still used to ascertain and model the impacts of new road building. http://www.bettertransport.org.uk/campaigns/roads-to-nowhere/induced-traffic The..."

xmas traffic

"I am hoping that this years festive traffic is proof to our town councillors/planners etc that Hazel Grove is now at bursting point and can't take anymore. The village has been total gridlock for nearly two weeks, a trip up Commercial road has bee..."

Airport Relief Road - Traffic Plan

"Anyone else confused by the traffic plan pdf on this page? http://www.semmms.info/a6/consultation/localarea WITHOUT the relief road, by 2017 the predicted figures show, 1) traffic on Macclesfield Road at the Fiveways will drop by approx. 13% 2)..."

Hazel Grove recent traffic!

"Does anyone know if the traffic light sequence in hazel grove has been changed lately as traffic seems to be so bad even more so than usual coming from great moor and by magic seems to really start moving once you get through all the lights in the..."

Chester Road Again

"I see this morning that one of the 'bendy bollards' has already been knocked down and broken off. As a number of people predicted, it is the one nearest the railway bridge. "

Chester Road Traffic Management Scheme

"Chester Road in Hazel Grove is a pleasant suburb which suffers from speeding motorists. The Councilís response is to turn the road into an unwelcome urban obstacle course strewn with frustrating speed tables, redundant pedestrian islands and fragm..."