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Torky skatepark damage

"Hi, I didnt know who to contact regarding this, I did have an email for the lady who was in charge of building torkington parks skatepark but that was a long time ago. Anyway, myself and a couple of friends went down to skate the place today and ..."

Skate Park

"Whilst in the park over this morning I noticed that the skate park has been vandalised with almost all the ramps suffering substantial damage. As this project was funded by the “Friends of Torkington Park” will they be responsible for the repair o..."

Prowler in Torkington Park

"This was posted on my Facebook Account and I have known the person a long time. "JUST TO WARN ...ALL PARENTS ......THAT LAST NIGHT AT EIGHT THIRTY . THERE WAS A MAN ... !!! FLASHING !!! .... IN TORKINGTON PARK ,HAZEL GROVE ..HE ALSO TRIED GRABBIN..."

Torkington park before 5PM

" I often go for a J and a few bottles of White Lightning with a few rockers in the early afternoon. I've noticed its becoming less and less attractive to do this. There seems to be a small group of coffin dodgers hanging around the flat areas of g..."

Torkington Park after 5pm

" I often walk my dogs around the park in the evenings. I've noticed its becoming less and less attractive to do this. There seems to be a small group of teenagers hanging around the skating area who are constantly swearing and throwing drinks cans..."

torky park sunday

"Great afternoon yesterday with churches together singing in Torky Park was like a live concert. Not keen on some of what they were singing but a lovely change to see all those people enjoying the sunshine and the music it even got 2 of our Council..."

Torkington Park Duck Race! Spread the word!


Torkington Park

Torkington Park

Torkington Park

Torkington Park

Torkington Park

"Upon arriving home from work at around 10:30pm Thursday night I decided to take my dog for a late night walk. I live quite near to Torkington Park and with it being a Thursday i felt safe going on at this time and letting my dog run around a bit. ..."

The Torky Park Squirrel

Torkington Fair

"I am writing to complain about the STATE of Torkington Park since The Moscow STATE Circus, was there. I know the weather has been bad but the ground was so churned up its a mess. Now I believe that the annual Torkington Fair is unable to come to t..."

Photos of Torky Park

"You know we have a wonderful place in Torkington Park which we should all be proud of. I have just added some photos I took recently which are worth a look just to see how nice the place is - http://www.hazel-grove.co.uk/gallery/ Keep up the good ..."
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