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RNA stall,

Carol Concert in Torkington park - 7th December

"The Friends of Torkington Park are holding a Christmas Carol Concert outside the Bowling Hut on Torkington Park Saturday 7th December from 3.30 until 5pm. Everyone is welcome so come on down. SUBSCRIBE to Hazel Grove to stay up to date on Local ..."

old torky tip site

"I understand from a member of"friends of torky park",that the contractors working on the old tip site have knocked the wall down into the "secret garden"taking with it some asbestos material.It has been reported to the council but as far as I know..."

Easter Trail Torkington Park - 28th March 2013

"Friends of Torkington Park Easter Trail - Thursday 28th March 2013 2pm to 3.30pm 60p per trail, purchase from the bowling hut Come along to Torkington Park & follow the trail through the secret garden. Solve the puzzle to find the special wor..."

Torkington Park’s Secert Garden

Torkington Park Entrance - A6

Torkington Lodge,Hazel Grove

Hazel Grove

Hazel Grove

Torkington park dog toilet.

"Why are dogs allowed to roam free at Torkington Park?"

new boating lake?

"the crossing into torky park is flooded yet again,but seems worse than ever.yesterday I had to press the crossing button and then run back and hide behind the wall before I got drowned by a passing lorry.I was wondering whether to go with my water..."

torky park

"went into the park yesterday and there are reward notices all over,for info of a young man attacked in the park on wednesday late evening.this landed him in hospital[hope he is ok].seams as though it was for his phone.If anyone has any info [which..."

Carnival thread...

" Couldn't get to carnival. Anyone on here go? How was it for you?"


"Looks like the carnival events at Torky Park this weekend are off. Parade still goes ahead"

Torkington Fair

"Please could someone tell me if the fair is on this weekend?"
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