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Stockport highest council tax in GreaterManchester

"Considering the fact that Stockport has the highest council tax in Greater Manchester due to many years of above inflation increases imposed by the Liberal Democrats, can any councillors who visit this forum (including the mayor)inform the people ..."

Town Hall isolation

"Does anyone know how to phone the Council to report fly tipping? The Phone Book refers you to a direct number listed in a 'main advertisement' - unfortunately the advertisement does not appear in the Phone Book. If you ring the main Town Hall swi..."

Council Expenses

"Stockport Council - Top ten earners Not a bad second wage for some! Susan Derbyshire £38,862.05 Mark Weldon £25,316.37 Stuart Bodsworth £24,071.83 Shan Alexander £24,071.70 Iain Roberts £24,071.70 Christopher Gordon £23,113.35 Keith..."

Bramhall South Ward Name Consultation

"Stockport Council is consulting on a proposal to change the name of Bramhall South Ward to Bramhall South and Woodford Ward. Stockport Council has received feedback that there is confusion surrounding the location and boundaries of the Bramhall ..."

Dull topic but...pot holes...

"The pot hole situation around the Grove and up and down the A6 is really really bad this year. I'm sure this is the worst I've ever known it. Are those pot hole 'moles' still out and about as in previous years? Car tyres are getting well knackered..."