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"When did Top Ten Tyres close? Where am I going to get a reliable frill free tyre service at a reasonable price (no unnecessary overheads!). Any suggestions?"

Do we really need more of the same

"Well I can probably work out why However am I the only person in Hazel Grove that objects to ASDA wanting to extend their closing times from what was initially 8pm then somehow it jumped to 11pm and now the store wants to stay open until 12 o'cl..."

Accessory Closing Down

"Accessory Ladies Fashion, Jewellery and Gifts, 174 London Road, Hazel Grove It is with great regret, that due to ill health, we have had to make the difficult decision to close the shop. We are both very grateful for all the support that we have ..."

Incident at Sainsbury’s

"I noticed the police were at Sainsbury's over the weekend, does anyone know what happened?"


"Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am the new manager of Barnardos at 127 London road, we are a discount charity shop which means all of our clothing is 0.99p each with children's wear 4 for 0.99p we currently have a selection of winter boots (individu..."

Cycle Store

"Someone mentioned today that the large retail store opposite the Police Station in Hazel Grove (the old Saab garage and then a camping store) is going to become a CYCLE SHOP. Could anyone please confirm this or is it just a case of "what you don'..."