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Road works for 22 weeks starting feb

"Seen a sign on the a6 near subway petrol station heading up to high lane today saying roadworks starting feb for 22 weeks, does anyone know what these are? I really hope it's not the traffic lights going in for that car park they're building, sure..."

27th January Scaffolding at old Torky Tip Site

"Hi All Just to let you know, if anyone may be affected that there will be some scaffolding erected at the old tip site on Torkington Road tomorrow (27th January) for approximately 5 days. I am told that temporary lights will be in operation from ..."

London Road Works Wednesday 8th January 2014

"Hi all Contractors working on behalf of Fulcrum Utility Services are laying a new service outside 139 London Road, Hazel Grove on Wednesday the 8th January 2014.The works will require a nearside southbound lane closure 9.30am to 3.30pm. Best wis..."

Wensley Drive Resurfacing

"Hi All After a long campaign to get Wensley Drive resurfaced from Cllr William Wragg and myself, I am please to say it is finally happening. It is due to start around 2nd December and should take up to roughly a week. Work will be carried out be..."

Macclesfield Road Resurfacing

"Hi All Pleased to say that the resurfacing Cllr Wragg and I have been asking for for sometime now, is going to start on Sunday 3rd November. The repairs and resurfacing will be from CarpetRight to Chatsworth Road, where many of you will notice th..."

Speeding on Cavendish road

"Hi all, Just received a leaflet from the Oliver and William show, regarding speeding on Cavendish Rd. Not a bad shout really, but probably a bit difficult whilst the road works are there. I've noticed though that the problems are vans and busse..."

Electrical Cabling Work on Torkington Road

"Dear all Just to inform you that contractors will be working on behalf of Electricity North West to install 33kv cabling on Torkington Road in the coming month and a half. The work will be carried out in two stints. Firstly at the junction with ..."

Chester Road roadworks.

"Work has begun today (24th July) on the reconstruction of the railway bridge over Chester Road - yet more frustration for motorists - and will continue until September 21st. Lights will control the flow of traffic until Monday 13th August, but fro..."

roadworks for 7 weeks to begin!

"anyone seen the sign at simpsons bend and anouther at middlewood way(hazel grove boundry) saying roadworks for 7 weeks starting 21st,just wonder what they are and if anybody knows as they must be serious for 7 weeks long and to think that part of ..."

Chester Road - Digging it up again

"The huge number of posting regarding the traffic management scheme in Chester Road has demonstrated the public views of the scheme design. However, the implementation of the scheme has also been a disgrace. Residents were advised back in March t..."