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robin hood pub

"hi guys just wondering as a person who lives down the road from the robin hood pub,has anyone heard the rumours about the pub being bought for either a thai resteraunt or a lap dancing bar? i believe the pub is for sale from what ive hear as robin..."

Favourite Pub in Hazel Grove

"Another thread to stimulate discussion around one of HG's major attributes - the number of pubs/bars. I was wondering what everyone's favourite place is/was. Post in this thread and share your thoughts ! From my own perspective,when I was in my p..."

The Red Lion

"If the fools who knocked the old coaching house down had any brains it would have still today been a great venue, its a pity that one of the landmarks of Bullock Smithy turned into an american burger joint. How many folk must miss the balcony at t..."


"Today i saw the smoking shelter outside the Rising Sun being took down as i passed in my car, is this a revamp or a mistake by the brewery? The Rising Sun is a great pub with a real atmosphere, has anyone got a clue why this has happened as i'm a ..."


"Will the Cock be getting a refurb,and maybe a image make over? The pub would make a great cafe/bar especially with the good parking and the easy access pedestrian crossing, come on Robbies join in with the new future of Hazel Grove."

Pubs under pressure

"Three landlords have handed their notice into Robinsons in the past month; The Bird in Hand,The Cock and The White Hart.It is alleged the rents have been increased by Robbies and this is a factor in the landlords leaving. With the opening of the n..."

new pub/bar

"Why do we need another bar in the grove? we dont, there is enough here already, the police can't cope with what we already have. Has anyone thought what will happen to the smaller pubs that will most likely close, some of you may well think that i..."

Hazel Grove Pubs

"I would like to see how people rank the pubs in Hazel Grove. Which pubs are the best and which pubs need the most work doing on them? and anything else you think about the pubs in the Grove."


"The fact that weatherspoons wasn't allowed to open here shows that there isn't a hope for this place. A good opportunity comes along and what happens, we kick it down. great."
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