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Residents Parking

"Today I renewed my residents and visitors parking permits at Hazel Grove Library. The permits will run out on the 14th August. In the renewal letters it states that it can take up to 10days for the permits to be processed. Therefore I asked for a ..."

We need parking

"Having spoken to a few traders in hazel grove, they are all struggling. Their bigest problem, foot fall. The only place people can park is the supermarkets and then don't bother going back into the town to see what the locals can offer. We need ..."

£60 Peel Centre parking fine...

"Has anyone had a £60.00 car parking fine whilst parking without a ticket at the Peel centre car park. I was in the wrong to not get a ticket but a £60 fine seems well over the top. Any advise please. Should I just pay it. Apparently if its not p..."

Hazel Grove Junior School Parking

"Parking on double yellow lines, parking on yellow zig zags, parking on pavement right outside of junior gates, driving through no entry sign, parking on pavements and today a 2012 plate white Audi full of adults and children with a child sat on th..."