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Hazel Grove Fire Station

"Hello can anyone give me any information on the history of the Fire Station? Or even a photo would be great. Ihave it on an old map at the junction of Davenport Rd and Hatherlow Lane, where the raised car park is now. The walls look like they are ..."

Was there ever an army barracks in Hazel Grove?

"My father Donald Dalmeny born 1895 always claimed that he was born in Hazel Grove but we have never been able to find any record of his birth. My questions are...was there ever an army barracks in the Hazel Grove area perhaps housing a cavalry or..."

Brewer’s Green, Hazel Grove

"Hello, My wife and I live in Worcestershire. My wife's grandfather was born in 1871 at Brewer's Green in Hazel Grove. I have found Brewer's Green to be opposite the A6 entrance to Grosvenor Street i.e. on the other side of the A6. It seems to b..."

Memories of Hazel Grove

" This page is a collection of people's memories of Hazel Grove. "
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