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Musical Festival Medal found in The Netherlands

"A medal from the 1928 Hazel Grove Musical Festival has been found in The Netherlands. The 101 year old grandmother, Lena Goossens, has no idea how she came by the medal which was found in her jewellery box. Her granddaughter Marly Goossens contac..."

Discount paint shop

"The discount paint shop, on the A6 opposite Sainsburys, is a fine red brick building - I would guess about 100 years old. The interior has seen better days, but must have been very fine in earlier times. Can anyone throw any light on its history a..."

Greyhound Track

"Does anyone have information about when the greyhound track opened and when it closed. Wikipedia says it closed 1960? - but that seems a bit late for me. Any ideas?"

Norbury Church memory

"Happy memories of a Saturday in June 1973 when we were married at Norbury Church. Ruby wedding coming up. Don't live in the area now, but always cast a wistful look whenever we drive up through the Grove"

The Co-op Emporium

"Before Asda we had the Co-op supermarket, but who remembers the Co-op Emporium which was knocked down and replaced by the supermarket? It was a remarkable place in which you good buy almost anything: ladies and gents outfits (non fashionable), und..."

Albion Mills, Hazel Grove

" (Click photo to enlarge) On my travels of the internet today I stumbled across this picture which looked very familiar to me and I would like to ask if any members remember this and can confirm my suspicions. The photo is dated 1983 (a little ..."

Hazel Grove Primary School

Does Anyone Remember the HazelGrove 18 Plus G

"Keith Buckley, the lead singer of Peaceful Tear played a Valentine's Dance at Stockport Town Hall on February 16, 1974. He is wanting to know if anyone has any photographs of that evening. It was an evening organised by the Hazel Grove 18 Plus Gro..."

Stockport Image Archive

"For anyone who hasn't seen it, please see a link below to Stockport Image Archive. Loads of old photos of Hazel Grove included. Coleman - check out the pics of Bramhall Moor Lane - before they had pavements, let along double yellows ;-D http://i..."

Hazel Grove Primary School 100 years

"This year, Hazel Grove Primary School (Chapel Street) is celebrating their centenary year 1912-2012. We are are very keen on gathering together any memories that former pupils have of particular events or teachers, which may be included in a book ..."

apprentice mechanic at William Arnold

"I worked in Hazel Grove in the mid-seventies. I was an apprentice mechanic at William Arnold, it was a VW/Audi dealership at the time but a Renault franchise was taken on during my time there. I remember the Grove Inn as being our local. Names I ..."

Mirrlees Memories Rediscovered

"A recent addition to the archives at the MAN Diesel & Turbo UK Ltd property on Bramhall Moor Lane in Hazel Grove is a beautifully produced photographic book entitled "A British Engineering Shop During the War 1914-1918", believed to have been orig..."

Fire at wellington mill 1947

"Hello my name is David Rowbottom I'm 63, I am enquiring if anyone has any reccolection of the fire at Wellington Mill, Hazel-grove owned by Novo yarns Ltd, In which my father George Rowbottom and two other men sadly lost their lives in 1947. Than..."

The Red Lion

"If the fools who knocked the old coaching house down had any brains it would have still today been a great venue, its a pity that one of the landmarks of Bullock Smithy turned into an american burger joint. How many folk must miss the balcony at t..."

The Blue Lagoon

"Chatting with friends the other day we were discussing The Blue Lagoon in Gt Moor. It's hard to take nowadays in that Gt Moor had a open air lido, the coldest water in the world and a strange green colour to the water! Just wondering if any of th..."
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