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Ex-Mayor Labels Hazel Grove Art ’Grotesque’

"A FORMER Mayor of Stockport Tom Pyle has added his voice to the controversial art installation in Hazel Grove. For more check out this link: Your text to link here..."

Hazel Grove Sculpture 5

Hazel Grove Sculpture 4

Hazel Grove Sculpture 3

Hazel Grove Sculpture 2

Hazel Grove Sculpture 1

Hazel Grove Public Art

"To be situated on the island next to the Sainsbury bus stop plinth being finished as we speak anyone take a guess at what it will look like ?"

The Torky Park Squirrel

Torky Park Squirrel

"Have you seen it yet? I think it's lovely. What a great idea! I wonder who organised it. Top marks to whoever it was! :o)"

Hazel Grove Sculpture

"just thought people of hazel grove would like to know about a sculpture being designed by local company. it is going to be of a hazel tree,not sure where its going to be erected as yet, but it is being donated by sainsburys. will post more details..."