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WARNING to all DOG WALKERS- Edisford Bridge area C

"Whilst walking our dog we have observed some very suspicious behaviour of 2 men hanging about the Edisford Bridge area watching dog walkers and taking picture's with a camera. These 2 men appear an odd couple, sporting ill looking slight country ..."

dog poop

"I realise that i may not be the first person to moan about this,but is anyone else out there sick and tired of walking their kids to school and having no choice but to play dodge the dog poo? Does anyone know who it is that lets their dog fowel th..."

Torkington Park after 5pm

" I often walk my dogs around the park in the evenings. I've noticed its becoming less and less attractive to do this. There seems to be a small group of teenagers hanging around the skating area who are constantly swearing and throwing drinks cans..."