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Trouble at the Passion Rooms.....

"http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/up-30-people-involved-series-6293499 Never happened in my day..................."

raid near the rising sun

"has anyone heard anything about what seemed to be some sort of police raid yesterday .the traffic was stopped in all directions,then a van sped through pulled up and police jumped out of the back.they had a battering ram etc"

Woman Robbed Outside Hazel Grove Store

"An elderly woman had cash stolen in a distraction theft in a shop car park. The pensioner was in her car outside Marks and Spencer, off Commercial Road, Hazel Grove, on Friday (January 25) around midday. Two women approached and one began engagi..."

Brutal attack on man, during Hazel Grove night out

"A man was left seriously injured after he was savagely attacked during a night out. The 25-year-old is unable to recall the details of the assault, which happened on London Road, Hazel Grove, while he was out with friends. He was attacked from..."

Great Moor Cannabis Farm

"A police raid uncovered 400 plants suspected to be cannabis. Officers forced entry into a home on Buxton Road, Great Moor, on Tuesday morning (October 9) to carry out a search. A mixture of mature and sapling plants were discovered and they have..."

torky park

"went into the park yesterday and there are reward notices all over,for info of a young man attacked in the park on wednesday late evening.this landed him in hospital[hope he is ok].seams as though it was for his phone.If anyone has any info [which..."

Prowler in Torkington Park

"This was posted on my Facebook Account and I have known the person a long time. "JUST TO WARN ...ALL PARENTS ......THAT LAST NIGHT AT EIGHT THIRTY . THERE WAS A MAN ... !!! FLASHING !!! .... IN TORKINGTON PARK ,HAZEL GROVE ..HE ALSO TRIED GRABBIN..."

Torkington Park

"Upon arriving home from work at around 10:30pm Thursday night I decided to take my dog for a late night walk. I live quite near to Torkington Park and with it being a Thursday i felt safe going on at this time and letting my dog run around a bit. ..."