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Junior lacrosse

"Hi all, Norbury lacrosse club are holding free introductory training sessions for boys and girls on Sunday, 10.30 until 12.00, as a follow up to our recent successful schools tournament when 40 boys and girls represented 6 different school teams...."

Chester Road roadworks.

"Work has begun today (24th July) on the reconstruction of the railway bridge over Chester Road - yet more frustration for motorists - and will continue until September 21st. Lights will control the flow of traffic until Monday 13th August, but fro..."

Chester Road Closed- Burst water mains

"Just to let you all know that there has been a water mains burst on Woodford Road, Poynton, just inside Cheshire East area immediately across the border from Stockport affecting Chester Road, Hazel Grove. Chester Road, Hazel Grove & Woodford Roa..."

Chester Road Tarmac Condition

"Sooo guys what's going on on Chester Road? Namely the section inbetween Dean Lane junction and the junction with Cavendish Road, seems there has been some sort of resurfacing work completed here recently (I can't be sure when but I'm sure it was b..."

chester road

"I was driving down Chester Road yesterday and the car in front accelerated like mad, hit the breaks at the speed bump,shot away again,braked hard and so on. People crossing may find it easy to judge the speed of a car but acceleration rate is hard..."

Chester Road/Dean Lane Bungalow

"What was happening on the evening of Weds 4th May? There were police and ITV4 camera crew outside the bungalow and farm approx 6pm"

Lyndhurst Ave and Chester Road

"Stepping Hill Area Committee represents the wards of Hazel Grove, Offerton and Stepping Hill. The Area Committee usually meets every month on Tuesdays in the Town Hall, Stockport. Meetings commence at 6pm. At the meeting on Tuesday, 1 March 2011 ..."

Chester Road - Digging it up again

"The huge number of posting regarding the traffic management scheme in Chester Road has demonstrated the public views of the scheme design. However, the implementation of the scheme has also been a disgrace. Residents were advised back in March t..."

Chester Road Again

"I see this morning that one of the 'bendy bollards' has already been knocked down and broken off. As a number of people predicted, it is the one nearest the railway bridge. "

Chester Road Uglification

"Cllr Hogg excuses the ruin of our road with the response "however it does do what it says on the tin. It slows traffic.". This sums up what has been the inherent failure in the Council's approach to the speeding problem. It has been totally unsym..."

Chester Road Urbanisation

"Now that the three unwanted pedestrian islands are installed they look more garish, ugly and useless than when they appeared on paper. This might be forgiveable if they served a more useful purpose than a single crossing would - but they do not. ..."

Chester Road Traffic Management Scheme

"Chester Road in Hazel Grove is a pleasant suburb which suffers from speeding motorists. The Councilís response is to turn the road into an unwelcome urban obstacle course strewn with frustrating speed tables, redundant pedestrian islands and fragm..."


"did anyone see it there was a fire as i was walking home from school just where that church is. "

Chester Road Plans - bumps

"Seems like the council are planning to put several speeding tables (like the ones on Lyndhurst Avenue) onto Chester Road. This is between the Vaudrey Drive junction and the Cheshire border. The plans I received in the post were only detailing fr..."

Chester Road Alterations

"I am not sure if everyone is aware of the alterations that are planned for Chester Road. There are going to be cycle lanes, Speed tables and a roundabout at the end or Londmead Road!!! The costings for this are set at approx £200,000.00 which I th..."
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