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Hazel Grove Train Station Car Park

"Hi all Just to keep you up to date, following questions I raised at the last Area Committee, I have been told that the work on the development of the train station car park to add an extra storey is due to start in January 2015 and should be comp..."

Hazel Grove Railway Station - Car Park

"Recently I see that the car park is getting full by 8.30am. In the last 2 weeks its even worse, as people started to park on pavements and where ever they can find a place. I'm sure these people are going to getting fine, which is hard to appeal a..."

building at the side of the arches demolished!

"just noticed that eye sore building that was burnt out has been flattened at the side of the railway bridge across the road from the car wash, is this progress on the proposed car park thats been dragging on for years,think we'll get the airport l..."

Hazel Grove - Railway Station Car Park.

£60 Peel Centre parking fine...

"Has anyone had a £60.00 car parking fine whilst parking without a ticket at the Peel centre car park. I was in the wrong to not get a ticket but a £60 fine seems well over the top. Any advise please. Should I just pay it. Apparently if its not p..."

Bulldozers clearing site near Carpet World?

"Yesterday and today there have been bulldozers clearing the site, does anyone know why?"