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SEMMMS Planning Permission Confirmed

"The three Local Planning Authorities affected by SEMMMS had referred the planning application for the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government earlier this year. The Secretary has now d..."

Bypass Part 1 and Part 2 ?

"Hi everyone, I received some of the usual building up to an election bumpf today. I am most puzzled as to the Lib Dems claim that they are delivering Part 1 of the Hazel Grove bypass and are fighting on behalf of us residents for Part 2 !!! Has th..."

Local Consultation Sham

"MAELR Junction 6 Option Consultation Feedback meeting 14th May 2013 – Hazel Grove After the end of a stormy local liaison forum meeting at Hazel Grove Civic Hall I am none the wiser as to who has decided that Option 1 is the preferred junction ..."

Air Quality - UK Government taken to supreme court

"Just so that we are all aware that Air Quality in Hazel Grove IS A BIG DEAL you might be interested to read what has happened: January 7 2012: Supreme Court to hear air pollution case against UK government ClientEarth's case against the Gover..."

Government quietly agrees to protect woodlands....

"PAULA has just been notified that the government have quietly done an about turn on the sale and protection of woodlands, the LUSH appointed consultants will be going over the SEMMMS business brief with a fine toothcomb, to see how this affects th..."

Check the air quality in Hazel Grove Today

"The Achilles heel in all of this SEMMMS consultations are the air quality studies that don't appear to be available or been presented for discussion. Probably because numerous new roads planned across the UK have stumbled at the final planning sta..."

When SMBC get their A6 traffic flows wrong!!

"The following is taken from an article covering the reports submitted to the Government that are still used to ascertain and model the impacts of new road building. http://www.bettertransport.org.uk/campaigns/roads-to-nowhere/induced-traffic The..."

just recieved a bypass meeting letter!

"just got home to find a letter from the council stating as my property is close by im being invited to the llf (local liason forum) no1 meeting at high lane village hall on the 22nd jan 630-8.00 pm and apparantly ive had a letter already explaini..."

bypass compensation

"having recieved a fair few letters from solicitors sniffing for business, i will definately be making some sort of compo claim as the bypass will be less than 30 yards from my home, now im just wondering does anyone know much info about compensati..."

Airport Relief Road - Traffic Plan

"Anyone else confused by the traffic plan pdf on this page? http://www.semmms.info/a6/consultation/localarea WITHOUT the relief road, by 2017 the predicted figures show, 1) traffic on Macclesfield Road at the Fiveways will drop by approx. 13% 2)..."

Link road compensation letter!

"I've had a letter this morning from a solicitor asking if I'm interested in letting them claim compo as I will be really affected if this link road goes ahead, as you may have noticed I put link rd and not bypass as I've read it's been changed nam..."

Alderley Edge By-Pass

"Does anyone know, or have views as to why the Alderley Edge By-Pass was built when other similar schemes serving Poynton, Bramhall and Hazel Grove look no nearer being built than they were many many years ago?"