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Flying Coach

" Nice to see another bit of re-generation http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/local-news/hazel-grove-pub-cock-hotel-9291312"

Road works for 22 weeks starting feb

"Seen a sign on the a6 near subway petrol station heading up to high lane today saying roadworks starting feb for 22 weeks, does anyone know what these are? I really hope it's not the traffic lights going in for that car park they're building, sure..."

SEMMMS Planning Permission Confirmed

"The three Local Planning Authorities affected by SEMMMS had referred the planning application for the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government earlier this year. The Secretary has now d..."

A6 traffic congestion.

"What can be done to stop allowing Stockport Car Supermarket using one lane for parking vehicles outside their LARGE premises on a daily basis and creating traffic congestion as two lanes become one after the lights at Stepping Hill Hospital. 46,..."

Narrowing the A6?

"http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/a6-congestion-stockport-council-bosses-6939118 If I didn't know the date, I would have thought this was an April Fool................. A report looking at ways to solve the prob..."

caped cod

"Noticed this yesterday, signs saying fish and chip eat in or take away, opposite mcdonalds, noticed starbuck sign inside. Sound interesting. Does anyone know anything about it?"

a6 simpsons area roadpath overgrown!

"as some of the local mp's come on here quite often i was hoping they or somone might be able to help me find out who is resopnsible for the bushes at the side of the road that have overgrown and always do every year and not maintained,right on the..."

roadworks for 7 weeks to begin!

"anyone seen the sign at simpsons bend and anouther at middlewood way(hazel grove boundry) saying roadworks for 7 weeks starting 21st,just wonder what they are and if anybody knows as they must be serious for 7 weeks long and to think that part of ..."

Hazel Grove recent traffic!

"Does anyone know if the traffic light sequence in hazel grove has been changed lately as traffic seems to be so bad even more so than usual coming from great moor and by magic seems to really start moving once you get through all the lights in the..."