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Posted 12th November 2013 at 5:07PM by TwistedBanana
As no one seems to have reviewed this yet I thought I would be the first.
I tried this place recently and I can't understand why it isn't better known as I think they are really on to something that with the right marketing could go global.

Where to start? Even on entry there is a real buzz about the place, a lively environment embracing the best in British/American culture. Then there is the unique queuing system that allows you choose a checkout based on star rated staff but most of all there is the food. I love the way they pre-salt my thin chips to save me the time and effort of choosing myself how much to add.

The way they make the burgers taste exactly the same as the packaging they are in so if you were in real slovenly mood you could just chew straight through the cardboard and save the energy of unwrapping the thing - genius

With global warming upon us it was a masterstroke by the management to half fill all the cold drinks with small blocks of rock hard ice - a really thoughtful gesture to aid in the comfort of the customer.

How many times have you been in a restaurant and you are frustratingly trying to signal a waiter/waitress as you are ready to leave - well not at McDonalds, just get up pick up your tray and rubbish and put it in the bin yourself - top drawer guys, top bloody drawer.

But here is the real moment of brilliance - I went outside sated after my magnificent banquet and noticed that some people were actually staying in their cars and ordering through a hatch, collecting their food from another hatch, driving round into the car park and eating their food in their cars and even better, they didn't then have to carry their packaging and leftovers to the bin, they just rolled down the window and dropped it on the floor - Another thoughtful facility offered by this concept.
I really hope this takes off, I can't wait to take my family there - what a treat it will be
Rating: 9/10
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Good Citizen

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20th November 2013 at 8:18AM
On the marketing front, maybe if they got a clown or something it may attract the younger consumer, or even special meals for kids, with a toy to help them become obese?
Top Photographer

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25th November 2013 at 11:07AM
Excellent review - Can't wait to go and enjoy the experience.

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