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Local Clerk sacked for 8 counts of Misconduct

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Posted 31st October 2014 at 12:00PM
The residents of Yaxley pay an amount , called the parish rate) on their council tax for the services of the Parish Council such as grass cutting, upkeep of halls and cemetery etc. All good. However their Clerk of eight years has just been sacked for 8 counts of serious misconduct.
This person had been employed in a senior role and paid accordingly to, amongst other things, manage the financial side and make sure that the public money in their care was spent legally on designated projects. I suspect that this person has committed financial crimes and it is my wish that the police should be involved. The council have sacked her, but the police are not involved. Why?
The most worrying thing is that this person is now offering thier services to Yaxley FC to look after the money!

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