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"These two foreign "gentlemen"wouldn't be East European would they?"

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"I suspect that some M.P's have a vested interest in these "loan sharks""

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"Three films 99cents rates as the worst film ever seen. No pleasing some people."

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"Back to the days of only being able to buy peas in pods and not in tins,likewise with carrots and potatoes. Every where closed,Sunday dragging on for ever,no thank you."

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"Why conform to other countries ideas of things,we like pints,yards feet and inches,pints,lbs and ounces,because it's British. "

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"A few years ago I was in the antique shop in King Street,when I heard a conversation amongst the people who have things for sale there. One woman was saying in a rather posh voice "He knocked me down in price,and I let him have it 15 pounds chea..."

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"Do you think a certain Member of Parliament,who sold his near £million house last January in the Tatton constituency,had an idea that the new high speed railway would be routed through the Tatton area? Was the house sold before property values ..."

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"News that the new railway will pass through the Tatton constituancy prompts me to ask your opinion of the following. Last January George Osborne MP sold his house in the constituency worth nearly a million pounds,with the news that property val..."