Are you prepared?

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Posted 6th November 2013 at 12:20PM, Edited 6th November 2013 at 1:19PM
2012 was a very wet year and flooding was not unusual. The watertable rose to the point of being at ground level and further rains just ran off the fields as they always do off the roads and other hard surfaces swelling already high streams and rivers.

[size=100]When streams and rivers go into spate they sweep any debris that might have found its way onto their banks before them and quite often block the first constriction on the watercourse with devastating effect. Water then backs up and pools testing any flood resilience measures in the locality. When these are over-topped we have a flooding situation.

It is the responsibility of each householder or business owner to protect their own building. Local authorities have varying polices on the provision of sandbags at time of flooding. They range from yes we will but you need to ring if you are in fear of flooding (not when it is lapping at the doorstep) to NO - go get your own.

There are very reasonably priced products on the market that can be stored ready for deployment as and when your property is under threat of flooding. The one to look for first is referred to as 'alternative sandbags'. These are sack size containing a gel that swells when wetted with water to form a significant volume and act as an ordinary sandbag would do. They can even be re-used if not contaminated with sewage.

There are other products available to prevent water ingress into an at-risk property and we are here to advise free of charge in the Lancashire area so email us on or call us on 01254 256163 and we will help keep you dry.
Are you prepared?


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