Martin P. Townsperson. Lives In Stockport. From Stockport.


Activism / Issues I am Concerned About

Litter. The decline of Stockport Market. Boarded up shops.
Bridgefield Street
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"Roadworks outside and the lights are not working fully. We need a better photo."

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"For a minute there I thought Scott had reversed the picture as Hillgate slopes the other way. Then I realized It's taken from Apsley Street where the stables are."

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"So 1 tank of AdBlue is enough for 2 tank-fulls of Diesel, or there abouts. Did they work that out or were they just lucky? "

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"Police were at the scene for most of the day, then headed straight to the local chippy as they were all of a sudden very hungry."

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"The Blue Monk Piano Bar on Hopes Carr has a cut out in the top floor which is in the shape of a grand piano. This looks down to the stage area where there once was a grand piano that belonged to Gracie Fields. (This is now the TVA building - the o..."

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