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Bath Overview

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Posted 4th June 2006 at 2:22PM by The J. (Stockport)
Bath, a world heritage city is a beautiful town built on the river Avon located at the southern end of the Cotswolds. Bath is famous for its Georgian architecture using the abundant honey-coloured limestone found in the area to give it its renowned mellow appearance. Bath is perhaps most famous for its naturally occurring hot spring which the Romans first used to build the original town on and create the extensive baths from which the city takes its name.

Bath is a friendly cosmopolitan city with various museums and galleries, countless restaurants, pubs, cafes and a vibrant shopping high street. There are lots of attractions including the Bath Spa, Jane Austen museum, Royal Crescent, Bath Cathedral, boat trips on the river Avon as well as several music and arts festivals throughout the year.

Bath is also a lively student city home to the University of Bath, a top ten UK university specializing in science and engineering with a state of the art sports training village.
Rating: 10/10
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