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Britain - Change Your Clocks

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Posted 23rd October 2012 at 3:19PM
As clock change comes around this Sunday 28th October 2012 it got me thinking about the reasons for it and what the best system would be.

There are two points. The first is whether or not we should change the clocks each summer. The second is what is the best time zone to be in. It is the second point that I want to focus on, but with basically an extension of the same arguments made to support the first point.

On the first, whether or not to actually change the clocks each summer, these are well borne out arguments and most countries in the Northern Hemisphere have concluded that the benefits outweigh the negatives. The negatives being the time and money lost changing the clocks versus the benefits of promoting outdoor leisure activity in the evening (physical and psychological health), reducing crime and traffic accidents and increasing economic activity.

My preference therefore is to keep the daylight savings system but what I really think would be advantageous for the UK is to add an additional hour on to the the clock to really reap the maximum benefits.

This would mean GMT+1 in the winter and GMT+2 in the summer giving us maximum usage of the daytime. We would be joining our French, Spanish, Belgian, Luxembourgish and Dutch friends who are in the same geographical, longitudinal time zone as the UK and have already made the move (With parts of Spain actually lying further west than Great Britain).

The main opposition I see is that this is a change and on the basis of change alone it is something to get upset about.

It wouldn't cost much to give it a try for one year. It may well prove to be so popular that we adopt it permanently.


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Britain - Change Your Clocks Like 0 Disike 0 Report  
13th November 2012 at 7:02PM
The government want to encourage a cafe culture in Britain & how do we achieve this when the clocks only go forward 1 hour? Just when you're enjoying a nice balmy evening sipping your Pimms it's going dark.

Clocks should go forward as they do now but also another hour forward on 1st May. Then back on 31st Aug as well as Oct.

Long (hot?) sunny summer days or go home? It was tried once before & worked well. We live in an ever changing world yet we are so-o-o-o-o slow to react.

Also when clocks go back football should kick off at 2pm not 3pm (Oct-Mar)to save on electricity & therefore the climate.

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