Hazel Grove M. Idler. Lives In Hazel Grove. From Hazel Grove.


Admin of Hazel Grove Model Railway Society

We are a broad based group of more than 60 members. All ranges of ability and experience are represented and new members at all stages of development are welcomed. Members are very willing to share their knowledge and experience.

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There are several projects in various stages of completion in various scale/gauge combinations. These range from 3.5mm/foot North American through to 7mm/foot freelance UK Steam Era. Large scale radio controlled AFVs (armoured fighting vehicles) have been seen at times, and we have also been serenaded (if that is the word) with banjo music. Meccano ™ assembly also takes place, these people have all the right nuts, bolts and washers to make the model, unlike my Meccano set. Other interests, such as 'buses, fire appliances and police service vehicles also feature.

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