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Three Bears - June 2014

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Posted 13th June 2014 at 1:14PM by Fi_nix
Good service. Good food. Good value. Limited choices.

Carvery was very good. Varied meats, well cooked veg, three types of gravy/sauce. Amazing Yorkshire puddings! Chef who knew what he was talking about and was great fun whilst serving! (I've noticed a lot of carveries are served by right grumpy gits - no idea why!)

My friend had the salad platter - choose meat and potatoes from carvery then add your own salad. It was fresh and she said it was delicious but she would have liked a bread roll. Children's menu limited to chicken nuggets, mini carvery and something else I can't remember.

Service was lovely and very friendly. Loos were clean.

All in all, very good indeed and we'll go again. :-)


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