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Posted 16th March 2013 at 8:37PM by Fi_nix

Not been to this restaurant for a number of years and I've heard mixed reviews about it over the intervening years, however, went in this evening with the family and it was fine!

The food wasn't the best I've ever eaten but it was perfectly fine and well cooked.

Garlic mushrooms came swimming in garlic butter and I was dying for a chunk of bread to go with them but otherwise, lovely. BBQ ribs were white-heat hot when they came to the table but tasted fine. Husband's steak was very nice if a bit fatty but that's kinda the risk you run with a steak! Extra thin pizza was delish but needed extra seasonings to be truly gorgeous!

Creme caramel was perfection (which is rare - often, in restaurants, they're rubbish). Chocolate cake went down a storm. Caught sight of the tiramisu when we were leaving and dearly wished I'd tried that too. Will make a point of doing so next time.

Staff were attentive and friendly. Restaurant had a nice atmosphere. Loo was clean but soap dispenser was empty - small point I know but we ate early evening and things like that should be checked and dealt with before opening every day as a matter of course in my opinion.

Free car park at the back did much to endear me to the place too.

So, all in all, very good and we'll go again. Oh, nearly forgot, it was pretty reasonably priced too.


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