Born in Cheadle Heath, Stockport, in April, 1947. Moved to Stoke-on-Trent in September, 1954, aged 7 and a half. Upon leaving school in 1962, spent many years in the cinema industry as a projectionist. Now retired. Never been married and never had any children. I've never smoked and I don't drink because alcohol makes me ill.

In July, 1953, aged 6, I was at the centre of a dramatic rescue by the late Bill Howard and the late Jack Morris, when, under mysterious circumstances, I plunged sixty feet down the rugged sandstone cliffs at Brinksway into the River Mersey. Miraculously, thanks to Bill and Jack, I survived the ordeal and lived to tell about it.

A few unusual things about me. I've never flown in an aeroplane and I've never sailed on a ship and I've never left the shores of Great Britain. Added to which, I've never had a mobile phone. In fact, I wouldn't have one of those things given me as a gift. I'm not the type to be seen and heard walking along the high street, my right hand pressing a mobile phone to my ear while I tell everyone in earshot all my private business.