Cammie H. Idler. Lives In Stockport.

Born and bred in Stockport - I love my town and feel proud to come from here.
<br />I love the rich history and architecture and feel that Stockport has a very bad press.
<br />I especially love the way that even though our town regenerates itself constantly there's still plenty of "old" Stockport to see.
<br />I also love the ghost stories surrounding Stockport.
<br />I could go on all day but I won't :)

Activism / Issues I am Concerned About

Sorry to be predictable and please don't think I'm being racist because I'm not but immigration levels in Stockport are becoming alarming, especially because there are "pockets" of immigrant "villages" in Stockport (eg, close to my Grandma's home in Dane Bank) where they seem to hate anyone different on sight - either through ignorance or fear. I'm sorry if this seems offensive as I genuinly am not being racist - it's things I've regularly observed throughout the past 11 years both through visiting my Grandma and also through my job.