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Uploaded by 2Tony on 16th May 2013, © All rights reserved.
Taken on 29th April 2013 with a Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III

MANCHESTER City fanatic Nigel Hurstfield embarked on a 3,655 mile day trip to watch his team lose the FA Cup final and declared afterwards: ‘Wigan thoroughly deserved it.’

Nigel, 46, expected to be over the Blue moon after the marathon trip as City were 1-3 favourites to stroll to victory over 9-1 outsiders Latics, but the Lancashire town’s Wembley battle cry ‘We Believe’ rubbed off on Roberto Martinez’ team as they pulled off the FA Cup shock of this Century.

And lifelong Blue Nigel, from Hazel Grove, Stockport, even abandoned his wife Jan during a romantic break to make the mega-journey to support his team. The pair met when Jan worked as a barmaid in the Three Tunnes and shared a passion for City from the outset – Nigel travels to home games from the Bird In Hand pub in the Grove.

The pair wed three years ago and share such a passion for Manchester City and their wedding day had to be on a Friday just in case the Citizens got to Wembley, but Nigel’s decision to leave his loved one to watch the match had caused Blue murder for weeks before the final.

On his way from Wembley to Gatwick for his dawn flight back to Tenerife on Sunday, Nigel, who runs Displex a display and exhibition business in his home town of Stockport, Cheshire, said: ‘I’d do it all again, but it was disappointing to say the least.

‘I am a City season ticket holder of 37 years standing, so I am used to heartache.

‘I know Jan will be as gutted as I am about the outcome of the game, but she hasn’t got the 1,800 mile journey to dwell on it.

‘Though it'll take me more than the four-and-a-half hour flight to get over this.

‘Losing the game makes the two week silent treatment Jan gave me for booking the flights seem like fun. As I don’t really want to talk about the match – not ever again.

‘But I’d do it all again next season to support the Blues – City fans will travel thousands of miles to support the boys come rain or shine.

‘And it was certainly a lot warmer in Tenerife – I can’t wait to get back now.

‘It’s the ultimate City fans holiday – a few days of glorious sunshine, dreams of basking in glory and then the shocking reality that we’ve thrown it away and heartache all the way home.

‘Most of the lads will just have to endure the pain of being a Blue during the trip home on the M40 and M6, but I’ve got lots more miles of misery ahead of me. At least there will be clear blue skies when I get off the plane. ’

From her sunshine bolt hole in Tenerife Jan, 46, said: ‘It’s a great shame – having finally succumbed to him going to the final I really wanted a City win.

‘He’ll be feeling as sick as a parrot on the 1,800 miles back to the sunshine. I saw the wind and rain at Wembley on TV and wouldn’t have swapped the beach in Tenerife for that journey for a minute.

‘I know now that I made the right choice staying here and relaxing. It’s probably best that Nigel made the trip as he’d be hell to have around for the first 24 hours after that result.

‘He takes the City setbacks very personally and he’s had a lot of those down the years.

‘Meanwhile, I’ve been basking in sunshine and watched the match in the Blue Terrace bar by our hotel and at least he’ll be joining me for lunch now. The boys in the Blue Terrace have been brilliant – just a shame the result wasn’t different.’

Nothing budged Nigel from making the marathon trip not even mention of divorce, so last week he made the 1,893 mile trip to Tenerife from Manchester Airport with Jan to enjoy the first few days of their planned romantic break, then on Saturday morning he got the first flight to Luton of 1,846 miles, a train to Wembley and then after the match he canned the planned celebrations and headed off to Gatwick for the first flight at dawn onSunday to take him the 1,809 miles back to his beloved, before they returned to Manchester on a 1,893 mile flight home late last night (Tuesday).



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