KLG Factory

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KLG Factory
Uploaded by bluemax on 7th June 2012, © All rights reserved.

The Smiths Industries KLG Factory at Putney Vale.
<br />Smith’s Industries bought KLG in 1927 and built a new factory here just in time for the outbreak of the Second World War. Smith’s main factory was demolished in 1989 and replaced by an Asda super­market (Hidden London, 2014)



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Kingston Vale Like 0 Disike 0 Report  
23rd May 2015 at 2:26PM

I am working on a local history project and need some views of old Kingston Vale.

I could simply copy but as I might later sell my work I don't wish to infringe any copyright either of this site or the original.

So do you have ant duplicate postcards that you would sell or alternatively that I could copy please?

Keigh Powell Like 0 Disike 0 Report  
3rd August 2017 at 11:43PM
Sorry its two years on Julian but if you want to you can contact me on kvepowell@sky.com

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