Footbridge over A3

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Footbridge over A3
Uploaded by bluemax on 27th January 2011, © All rights reserved.
Taken in 1960

The pedestrian footbridge over the A3 bypass at Robin Hood Way, Kingston Vale. Visible in the background are the parade of shops and the No 72 bus stop.
(Image: N, High)



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11th November 2012 at 10:49PM
This must have been taken not long after the road was widened to dual carriageway in the sixties. There don't appear to be any white lines on the road yet, and there is no street lighting except on the service road. I had many a long wait at that number 72 bus stop (the 72 only ran twice an hour and cancellations were commonplace). Notice how dangerous the stop was for waiting passengers; sandwiched on a narrow strip of pavement between the A3 and the service road. Nowadays buses run along the service road and people can wait in safety!!

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