World In Brief 8th September

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The presidential candidate continues to anger both Mexicans and Americans by accepting an invitation to visit Mexico

Following a bizarre invitation from the Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto, Trump visited Mexico on Wednesday in an attempt to further increase his public profile, while Mexican inhabitants reacted with disdain and outrage as the man who had accused the country of sending 'killers and rapists' north of the border, set foot in their homeland. Trump has suggested building a wall between the two countries to 'protect' Americans.

Pena Nieto has astounded many Mexicans by allowing a 'hate preacher' into the territory, while many have theorised that he is trying to distract the population from recent corruption and plagiarism scandals concerning himself. It is feared that Pena Nieto's strategy has backfired however, as the visit will only boost Trump's public image and give the impression that the Mexican president is on board with Trump's plans. 'This isn’t a calculated risk. It’s monumental stupidity. There’s no way this will work out well,' said politics expert Jesus Silva Herzog.

Pena Nieto has spoken of inviting Hillary Clinton to Mexico, who has previously supported migrant citizenship. Historically, Mexico has always avoided taking sides in any US political disputes, so this could explain why Pena Nieto chose to invite Trump, to avoid compromising Mexico's foreign policy. 'I believe in dialogue to promote Mexico’s interests and above all to protect Mexicans everywhere,' the Mexican president stated.


The company's founder and 55% shareholder Mike Ashley promises to reform Sports Direct's policies following public outcry

Following a meeting between Mike Ashley and investigative MPs last week, Ashley has accepted responsibility for a number of issues raised, and has put into place numerous policy changes to save his company and salvage its reputation. Issues addressed at the meeting included workers being paid below minimum wage, a 'six-strikes' policy and female staff members reporting they had been sexually harassed.

Some staff also reported being named and shamed in front of colleagues for 'not working hard enough.' The union Unite, which aims to ensure fair working conditions for employees across the country, launched a campaign against the company for its 'workhouse, not workplace' environment.

Rather than scrapping zero hour contracts, the company will offer employees permanent contracts of at least 12 hours per week, recognising that some employees will need the security that a permanent contract would provide, while others will prefer the zero hour contracts already in place.

It was found that the 'six strikes' system, which included strike offences such as 'talking too much' and 'having too many days off sick,' was only used for temporary employees, creating an unfair divide between them and permanent staff. This system will be scrapped and replaced by the 'grievance and disciplinary procedure' already used for permanent employees.

The report found that workers were paid below minimum wage due to the amount of time they had to wait to be searched at the end of each shift, and Ashley has legislated to limit these searches to 16 workers per shift. Staff will now be docked 5 minutes pay if they arrive for work 1 minute late, as opposed to 15 minutes pay, and supervisors will be given significant training in an attempt to cut down on staff feeling intimidated at work. Training will also be given in the event of sexual harassment being reported in the workplace, which Sports Direct claims to have a 'zero tolerance' attitude towards.

While it was revealed that the company's chief executive Dave Forsey, knew about the issues but failed to inform his superiors, billionaire Mike Ashley has been forced to bear the brunt of the ensuing public outcry and has promised his staff a pay rise.


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