CiviCr World In Brief 8th September

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Wild partygirl and I'm A Celebrity... winner Vicky Pattison is 'fired' from Loose Women

     A new series of hit talk show Loose Women began yesterday, without one of its main attractions, reality TV star Vicky Pattison. After just three months on the show, it has been rumoured that producers decided her wild and fancy-free image didn't suit the format of the show, and that her lack of chemistry with her fellow panellists caused them to cut her contract short.

Vicky was also snubbed by her fellow colleagues at the TV Choice awards last night, when she was not invited to sit at the Loose Women table alongside Nadia Sawalha and Andrea McLean, among others. An ITV source revealed: 'She’s a real party animal and seemed much more focused on nights out, which could sometimes impact [on] her commitment to the show.'


The two presidential candidates lock horns once again

In his latest recruitment speech, Donald Trump has again made determined attempts to bring down his rival Hillary Clinton, calling her time in office as 'trigger-happy and very unstable.' He went on to declare that the spending on US military defense should be increased, meanwhile slating his opponent's stance on war in the middle east, which she has previously supported.

On Monday Trump visited Mexico, the country he has consistently blamed for the rise in guns and violent crime in the USA. Meanwhile, he continues to encourage Americans to own guns to protect themselves, declaring that Clinton's stance on immigration could be 'dangerous' for the USA. 'There has been no shortage of inexcusable rhetoric from Trump, but suggesting gun violence is truly abhorrent,' said anti-Trump campaigner Michael Keegan, president of People of the American Way. In a speech on Monday in Cleveland, Clinton cleared her throat to speak before announcing: 'Every time I think about Trump I get allergic.'


Sports Direct's founder Mike Ashley accepts responsibility for the company's staff suffering in 'traumatic' and 'oppressive' conditions

     Following an undercover investigative review, it was found that staff working for the sportswear company at its Shirebrook warehouse in Derbyshire were paid BELOW minimum wage, and faced a 'six strikes' policy, with many fearing they would lose their jobs. It was discovered that the majority of Sports Direct employees, over 18,000, were working under zero hour contracts.

Just days later, Ashley was seen flaunting a wad of £50 notes during a search at the warehouse, after it had been revealed earlier this year that the billionaire had plunged a fortune into his son's flailing business, while many of his workers struggled to keep their heads above water. When summoned to a meeting with MPs to discuss the findings, Ashley weakly defended himself: 'I can only do my best and my best might not be good enough.'

Workers' pay was also docked by 15 minutes if they turned up just a minute late, while forced body searches at the end of each worker's shift often meant they were unable to leave for another 15 minutes after their shift ended, for which they were unpaid. Dave Forsey, Sports Direct's chief executive, anticipated the scandal and ran away while he still could, turning down a £4m bonus in order not to tarnish his reputation.

Many Sports Direct employees have reported receiving no pay for training, while others have claimed they have been sexually harassed by senior members of staff. At the MP meeting with Mike Ashley, it was also revealed that 110 ambulances had been called to the Shirebrook warehouse in the space of three years. Ashley's response seemed to be one of shock and denial: 'You can't have that number of serious incidences, it's impossible,' he said.
It was concluded by MPs present at the summons, that a full investigation of the alleged illegal activities at Shirebrook warehouse would take place immediately.


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