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Serenity posted..

Presumably this is about the ongoing investigation by 10 police forces into the alleged election fraud and the extention that they have been granted to give the police more time to further investigate the matter.

So unfortunately Oliver it is being seen as an investigation into fraud, albeit alleged fraud.

Apparently its all about the concerns raised about the conservative goverment funding back in 2015, where the party allegedly failed to locally declare the costs of bussing activists around to marginal seats – which could potentially could have swung hotly contested marginal seats.

And why under “national spending” the costs of this transportation and the cost of hotel rooms for hundreds of activists bussed in to rally this support was written off, when according to the rules this spending should have been registered as local costs.

Apparently if the candidates are found to have breached the strict election spending limits, they may face fines, imprisonment or even reruns of local contests.

And now it would seem that David Cameron is withholding key documents that would aid the police investigation.

Sorry Oliver I know it's your party but even parliment are calling for answers...Political parties are supposed to be limited in the amount of money they can spend campaigning to ensure fairness.

And just as the anti-corruption summit is about to begin, the Tories are under a criminal investigation for potential electoral fraud.

I have personally met William and found him to be open and honest as a councillor. And I am finding it very hard to believe that he would knowlingly have anything to do with any the missuse of political funding. Does the poster of this thread know otherwise or are they naming William by association. If so it seems a little unfair.

However Oliver I do find it hard to believe anything that David Cameron has to say....about anything....anytime and anywhere.....especially about Britian and the EU...of which you surely have to agree.