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TwistedBanana posted..

[QUOTE=nedsram]This in danger of becoming a flame war, which would be a real shame. Having read the above comments, I'd like to add a few additional comments.

1. Box junctions. The rule is "do not enter the box junction unless your exit is clear". Which the case of the Commercial Road means that if (as is normally the case) Commercial Road is clear, you should enter the box junction.

2. Ambulances. Like everybody else, I often see ambulances on the A6, and usually they get through by people moving out of the way and creating a passage for them. I don't think "what if an ambulance comes?" when driving. What I do is try too make room for it if it does.

3. Stockport Highways Department. If there was a prize for the most incompetent highways department in the country, Stockport would certainly be on the shortlist. Where else do you get traffic jams even when the traffic is light? If there is a right turn sensor, the logical place to put is is just before the stop line, so that it can detect that traffic at that point is stationary. But logic seems to be way down the list of considerations in many cases. I could add some more examples, but I'll settle for just one: the lane markings at the St Mary's Way / Spring Gardens / Hall Street junction for southbound traffic. Suffice it to say that when I used to commute from Poynton to Stockport, the quickest route was always via Stanley Green and Gatley. (Do the distance sums.)[/QUOTE]

Coming home from work the other day (I work in Heaton Mersey) i hit the usual jam that starts near the hospital entrance on the A6 and carries on to High Lane nowadays. Anyway I got to the lights at Asda which went red, no one was waiting to exit Asda and no one was using it as a pedestrian crossing. I suppose someone could have pressed the crossing button and walked off but there didn't seem to be anyone about. Surely these lights only change when triggered by someone leaving Asda or someone pressing the button. i would hate to think they are sequenced in anyway, that would show gross incompetence from our planners