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Jenny posted..

[QUOTE=Serenity]I can understand what you are saying Jenny, but at this particular junction does it make much difference. Even if the car in front of you was to move into the yellow box,how would that then free you to move on. As until the car in front went round the corner they'd still be blocking that line wouldn't they?[/QUOTE]

There is a sensor in the middle of the box junction. If it detects that a car is waiting on the sensor, the right turn filter green arrow will come on at the end of the cycle to allow right turning cars to go. If people don't wait on that sensor then the green arrow won't come on, and all those cars waiting behind to turn right won't be able to.

[QUOTE=sparrow]I will not enter a yellow box, even if it allowed to do so, whilst wating at traffic lights in case Ambulance, Fire or Police need to get through a junction at high speed, if these junctions are blocked it could be the difference between life or death, so if a driver behind is honking their horn, more fool them, motorists should remember that it is better to be 10 mins late in this life that 5 mins early in the next.[/QUOTE]

Then you shouldn't have a driving licence if you don't know the rules of the road.