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TwistedBanana posted..

[QUOTE=Jenny][QUOTE=TwistedBanana]My big issue with yellow box junctions is slightly different. I regularly have to turn right off the A6 into Commercial Road. This junction has quite a random filter on and very few cars turning right get through when the lights change. Part of the problem is that often the front car is unwilling to move forward into the yellow box while waiting to turn.

The highway code states that you can enter the yellow box when waiting for oncoming traffic while waiting to turn right. If every driver followed this basic law then at least two or three more cars would get though this junction each lights change and that would ease the flow of traffic around this area.

I have witnessed this so many times at so many box junctions and it really gets my back up - I probably should chill out a bit more but I am at grumpy middle aged git time of life[/QUOTE]

I have to agree with this so strongly. The amount of totally inconsiderate drivers who refuse to move forward into the box junction to activate the sensor that's embedded in the road (roughly in the middle of the junction) amazes me.

If you're turning right there, and you have me with my hand on the horn behind you, it's because you're being an inconsiderate **** and haven't moved forward.

If nobody is on that sensor when the lights are timed to turn red, they will just turn red without the right turn signal phase.

If we had a councillor who cared, they'd be aware of this and would be trying to push for that sensor to be moved outside of the box junction, or rephase the traffic lights so that the green arrow always comes on, rather than relying on the sensor. They'd much rather bother themselves with putting a gate on a car park than actually making a real difference.[/QUOTE]

Jenny, I am not sure they are inconsiderate, I really dont think they know the rules of the road, I think they see a box junction and just assume you can't enter it for fear of being shot.

Although that is interesting what you say about there being a road sensor in place, I never realised that and it would explain the apparent randomness of the filter. This is now going to wind me up even more when traffic won't enter box