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Serenity posted..

I understand what your saying Sam and I totally see why companies would want and need to employ migrant workers.

Is there really evidence Sam or is it just easier and cheaper for employers to employ cheap labour from abroad and not be bothered looking for people to employ from the British out of work workforce.

I'm not against migrant workers coming to Britian. I just want to see controlled migration again. Which within the EU I feel due to the Freedom of movement regulations we can never have.

Be honest Sam and tell me how we can we possibly have contolled immigration if we dont khow how many people in the future will want to come across to Britian. We can't possibly know. So we can't possible plan our infustructure for the future to be able to cope. So what do they intend to do GUESS....

Don't you see that if we can't plan then how do we know what extra resources we're going to need and if we can afford to Pay for them.

Sorry Sam but it back to my small 1 bedroom flat scenario and inviting to many people to stay. Even though I haven't got the room. They might all be wanting to work but i dont know where I'm going to put them all or if I have enough money to pay the bills and help keep them. And then I find out that their families are coming round to stay as well. I know I'll shut the front door....oops to late ....

Without being able to know future numbers coming to Britian ..you can't possibly plan ahead.

Even Thersa May is saying that we cant but if you know of a way Sam please tell, and then I'll feel much happier.

But personally I don't think that it's possible until we leave the EU and get back controlled immigration. If we need xxx amount of workers we ask for xxx amount of workers. At the moment all were getting is Xxxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx