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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=sam39]Serenity: you deserve an answer from me about your concerns.
1] Turkey. Turkey can only join the EU if the preconditions are met, and all EU countries agree. That includes the UK - if we are still in! The 2011 Act will require a referendum before the accession treaty is signed - so we (along with Cyprus, Greece and France and Austria etc) can use our veto. If we are not in we cannot veto! Turkey may get access for visa free travel (3 months) in Schengen, but not visa free travel to Britain.
2] NHS. The major pressure on the NHS arises from the aging population, bed blocking, and the increasing costs of medical treatment. I could go into this in great detail, but I repeat that EU migrants have little impact and may be beneficial. The solution here is to solve the social care problem.
3] Schools. There is a pressure on primary school places at present. This is mainly caused by an increase in UK birthrate, plus internal migration of UK citizens. However, the authorities have been poor at planning. Once a baby is born, it is known that a school place will be needed 5 years later. Very few new schools need to be built, simply allow class sizes to rise from 30 to 35 to provide 16% more places.
4] Housing. WE need more affordable houses - I agree with that. I do not agree that migrants are the cause of the shortage. There are more groups needing housing because of the change in family structures over the past thirty years, couple that with a lack of brown field sites, a refusal to allow any building on thhe green belt, recaltricant planners, shortage of building skills and you have most of the reason. This is the most difficult to solve, but if every migrant EU vanished overnight it would still be there.[/QUOTE]

1. I'm sorry Sam but I'm not convinced that Turkey wouldn't be voted in. The EU system of democratic voting has been found of late to be lacking in transparency.

And as for your other points Sam your quite right they do all need sorting out but continuing with uncontolled immigration is not the answer. That's like opening your front door when you only have a 1 bedroomed flat and saying to 30 people come in I can't feed you and I've not enough rooms for you all to sleep in but your all welcome to come in and sleep on the floor until I can buy a big detached house to put you all in. Nice in principle but unstablable in the long term sam.

Before you can even attempt to solve the social issues you've spoken about Sam you need to know how many people are coming to Britian and when they are coming. It's just common sense. Without some form of controlled immigration we're just guessing at any future figures. And without that we can't plan for the future.

As for building on our Green belt😧😧😧😧to accomodate future housing. Not a way I would like to see Britian going Sam. Affordable housing built on greenbelt land Sam in your dreams. It might eventually happen but they'll be homes for the wealthy to live in not for our workers or workers from abroad.

And as for shortage of skills Sam...why...because we're losing our industry and skilled work force to foreign companies abroad. Which then means that we've got to import the skills back into britian from abroad in the way of builders to build our new homes. Flipping ridiculous.

I know that it's hard to say how long a person will live or how many children a family might have, but immigration is the one area that we can and should be having more control over. And within the EU we just cant.