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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=Goggins]This has already been explained to you: EU migrants tend to be economically active - paying taxes - but not requiring much in the way of health care or schools because they tend to be young and childless.
If you feel the NHS is crumbling and schools bursting then perhaps, rather than blaming foreigners, you should consider the role that the UK state has in planning the provision of services. For example, the UK birth rate has gone up and down over the last 70 years and schools have had to cope. If we can't cope now then perhaps the blame lies closer to home.[/QUOTE]

I'm not against social migration Goggings but we need controlled migration, A system such as Australia that enables us to invite people into our country to work and live. We need a system that allows for us to be able to accommodate them,home them and feed them. And unfortunately the system that we have at the moment were people are coming to Britian and living in tents and sleeping rough on the street isn't that type of system, and not all the people coming from abroad are young,fit and able as there "tends"to be the elderly and sick coming here as well.

At the moment we've got no way of knowing how we're going to cope in the future but it's obvious for whatever reason that we're not coping now.

We're just not able to build houses quick enough, or open up more places in our schools and hospitals to accommodate the number of people who want to come to Britian.

And that's now so what about in another few years when Turkey also want to join and Turkish people want to come here looking for a better way of life as well.

I'm not blaming these people for wanting to come to Britian for a better way of life. But this type of uncontrolled migration just isn't helping anyone. The only people it helps in Britian are employers looking for cheap willing labour.

I know that the current job market is such that there are numbers of low paid (sessional or otherwise)jobs that are vacant. Jobs that employers want to fill by employing migrants who are glad of a chance to earn a better wage and improve their standard of living.

And I also know that there are a lots of British people out there who have now become part of the unemployment statistics forced to claim benifits though no fault of their own, who want to work but say that jobs are becoming increasingly harder to get.

So the numbers don't add up. We need more immigration to fill jobs we don't have??....or is it we have the jobs but not the workforce??....OR perhaps we have the jobs but not the right type of workforce that employers like. Cheap. ..willing...and able.

Whatever the answer is it would now seem that british employers would much prefer employees to come from aboard.

And so the drain on the our economy continues (and their's in the long term because they're losing there work force)....as more British unemployed are left unemployed and on benifits...more migrant workers come to fill the jobs that employers are saying that work shy britians don't want to fill. AnD so it all continues. ..

I suppose thats the real problem that the goverment should be tackling. How to motivate british people back into wanting to work.

But on the other hand I can quite understand why an employer would think that a willing hard working migrant would be a better option than someone who's been on benifits for years and is reluctant to want to work.

But by continuing to fill the gap with people from abroad isn't solving the long term issue of unemployment in Britian. It's a short term solution for a long term problem. But that's another complicated long debate..

So back to the EU by leaving I feel that we will be able to invite who we want, when we want. If we need a hundred workers from abroad to help run say our hotels, then we'll be able to invite a hundred workers from abroad. Instead of what we have now which is an uncontolled, unstablable a system that invites hundreds and not merely a hundred that is required.

David Cameron has done his best to change the EUs way of thinking but it didn't work, it's obvious that some things within it are set in stone and not up for a Democratic discussion, Freedom of movement being one.

Freedom to me implies being able to make choices and not have them forced upon you. And if you feel perhaps later on that the choice wasn't the right one or the circumstances have since changed, then having the freedom to change your mind without being penalised.should be considered.

Whilst we remain within the EU this type of democratic freedom is not available. So where's the Freedom. ..

So the choice is....do we continue within the EU, not being able to invite who we want to live and work here, and when we want them to come. Continuing to have an open door policy of immigration for all those people within the EU who want to come. With no set figures and no checks,

Personally I'd like to know who,and how many,and if jobs are available to allow for the British infustration to be able to cope. Instead of what we have now ...which is little more than uncontrolled immigration on a free for all basis.

The only way I see immigration improving is to leave the EU and to adopt an Australian type immigration policy that invites people to work and live here once they meet our requirements. But unfortunately whilst we remain within the EU that's not going to be possible.

I don't want to stop migration because that helps our country grow and prosper and gives britian the diversity that enriches our society. But immigration within the EU is uncontrollable and unstablable,

But like Sam and TwistedBanana have said there are good things that being part of the EU has introduced. But for me they were just lost leaders(like the bargain price item to get you to shop there, but then you find that everything else is just to expensive). Well over the years we've bought into the EU way of selling us the dream andd now we are paying the true more costly price with uncontrolled immigration.

This way works for Australia and they trade freely and prosper as a nation. I'm sure that we could adopt a similar policy, and trade more freely with countries that are not within the EU.