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sam39 posted..

Oliver and Serenity; Yes I am an unashamed Remainer, and in my late 70s having worked in the private and public sectors at quite senior levels I do not think I am naive. Let me outline where I stand:
What border contols will we impose against EU citizens when we leave? Lets assume they are the same as we now impose on non EU citizens (Leave do not know or have not said). Migration Watch has estimated that will reduce EU migration by 100000 per year, mostly young, active, tax paying workers, in agriculture, hospitality, domestic services, and health and care. They do jobs British people will not do. Being young and fit, they make no demands on the NHS (9% of NHS doctors are from the EU), they are not paid enough to compete in the housing market, they tend to leave families behind. Even if their families come, because they are economically active, they contribute to the services they use. Now if we go down the route of imposing visa controls against EU citizens they will put visa controls on us. Personally, I value being able to freely move about the continent: but that is for pleasure - think of the hassle businesses will face as they try to move people about from Frankfurt to Paris to Rome. I am old enough to remember the forties when we absorbed refugees from Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine, and other eastern countries. They have contributed to this country and their grandchildren still do. I despair of the defeatism of the 'lets pull up the drawbridge mentality'. I say lets welcome them.
EU future;
I do not want to repeat what I said in my last post. But we have complete control of our destiny in Europe. It will depend upon the British Government and Parliament to exercise our veto or not. If we remain, the future EU is pretty clear to me I do not see a plethora of scenarios, I think it is pretty clear. I finish with a question: what in your personal or family life will change for the better if we leave, what will change for the worse if we remain?