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Serenity posted..

I do know what you mean Sam. As one of those voters who at the moment are voting to leave, it's hard to say what will be the future outside the EU.

This is why I felt that more information should have been given my the goverment to the outline as well the positives if we chose to leave the EU.

I'v listened to in particular what TwistedBanana had to say and all their points are perfectly right. There are lots of good things that being in the EU has brought about.

But I do feel that the debate at the moment is aimed solely at the future if we stay. Which doesn't really give the public an all round picture to decide from.

I would have liked to have seen a kind of tick list. One that clearly outlining the main issues for and against of leaving or staying in the EU.

Instead all we've really had is a leaflet outling all the advantages of staying but nothing about the advantages of leaving. And I'm sure that there's as many.

As for the dreamers Sam, well nearly half the voters so far are wanting to leave the EU, so there must be a growing realism that Britian will florist outside of the EU.

And as for the EU leave campaigner having no 5 year future plan. Well I suppose it's hard to give a cadt iron plan as no other country has ever left the EU before.

But let's face it we managed before as a nation and I can't honestly believe even with all of the scaremongering that's been going on that we would suddenly fail as a nation to trade with other countries after the EU.

But unfortunately once again the main issues that people want to know about like will immigration be reduced if we leave the EU, how can the goverment build houses fast enough to house our own citizens and thousands of immigrants.

All such issues have not been debated properly and once again the whole EU debate has been alllowed to be turned into yet another political fiaso with politic undercurrents totally confusing the real important issues that should now be being discussed.

But the main point for me Sam for leaving is the Freedom of movement within the EU that disables britian from planning for the future. And whilst you and TwistedBanana have made some positive interesting points as to why we should stay, neither of you have said how are we going to be able to deal with mass immigration over the coming years. Our infustructure cannot cope we see how the Nhs can't cope, lack of school places for pupils, lack of affordable houses, These problems arnt getting better there getting much worse.

We can't cope now Sam with immigration as it stands, so as for a 5 year plan what's the stay in EU voters 5 year plan on how to tackle these issues.

That plan for the future I feel would probably be more vague...