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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=TwistedBanana]I think Serenity that you are proving my earlier point that there are so many arguments and counter arguments that we dont stand a cat in hells chance of making an informed decision.

I will make my decision based on how i know it will affect me in a business sense. Moving out of the EU Zone will have a drastic affect on the size of the market i sell in to, I will no longer be able to compete with local suppliers of the same product in EU conuntries, i will have to limit my market to the UK,


I appreciate that TwistedBanana. But unfortunately David Cameron has tried to get change within the EU and has failed to do so. So any future changes to me seems unrealistic.

Mass immigration is a big problem now and one that is not being tackled by the EU (because of the freedom of movement act that creates it), which was fine when not so many countries were within the EU, but not now.

Part of me woukd like to remain in the EU for all the positives that you have outlined. But realistically I just cant see that if over the next few years we continue to remain within the EU that unbearbale pressure wouldnt be put on our already depleted resources until we are truly are unable to cope under the pressure.

If we are to believe what we're always being told by all the politicians that our nhs, schools, and housing just can't cope as it is now and that small businesses are being forced to close because of EU regulations, then I really think that we're best out.

So whilst all you have said might be true and you as a business might find it difficult if we leave the EU, if our infustructure can't cope any longer which I really believe it wouldnt be able to do with the way immigration is going, then the only sensible way to vote for the future is to leave the EU. This will enable us to restrict immigration and plan with what available resources we have or have not as the case may be. But at least it'll be our country deciding.