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Serenity posted..

Most countries in the world trade with the EU perfectly well and they don’t need to allow free movement of people.

If the UK votes to leave the EU which i hope they do I feel that it will help Britian regain control of immigration from EU states. We can then go on to be more selective in who we allow into the country. I dont want to see immigration stop but I want to see the UK being able to return to pre EU times when people came because they were wanted not because they wanted to come, and as such I feel that the UK citizens would be a lot more welcoming knowing that.

The UK would then be able to effectively plan ahead and use its resources to create a social infrastructure knowing its population. At the moment how can we do this when we don’t know how many people will need school places ,hospital beds or even seats on the buses.

Up to now I've not been impressed by the amount of scaremongering in the British press etc,its like the uk will fall off the ends of the earth if they decide to leave, To me it's no more than pure bully boy tactics. Not a fair and open debate that we were promised.

I personally think that trade will go on as usual and the uk will have billions more to spend on healthcare/roads/schools etc, instead of it wasting money being tied to an outdated,undemocratic fat cat system that's not fit for the purpose it was intended for.

Is it really fair to say that the EU freedom of movement is working when there are daily headlines such as this. THE number of Romanians sleeping rough on the streets of London has almost DOUBLED in a year, as officials blamed migrants for the escalating homelessness problem.

Is really fair to those people and to us when there's simply not the right infustructure and available housing support put into place to cope as a nation with the freedom of movement regulations that the EU has imposed. Freedom at what cost...sleeping on the streets, no homes,no care,no jobs...

And then you go on and read the headlines

Germany Made PM Ditch Migrant Brake:

It all tells me that the EU just isn't working for Britain and that we can't really say what we want anymore without being overruled ...

EU set up for trade fine perhaps it helps the big companies but definitely not the small ones, but freedom of movement no I doesn't work. But unfortunately you can't have one without the other.

So for me it's definitely a positive leave the EU vote,