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Goggins posted..

[QUOTE=Serenity]whilst statistics play a role in this debate they can't really be relied on or trusted as they naturally change constantly anyway.[/quote]It's alarming that you've found this to be the case - could you give an example?[QUOTE=Serenity]So personally I'm going to vote with my heart and what I see going on around me all the time, such as our local nhs stretched to breaking point, our local schools not being able to cope because of to many pupils and not enough school places,[/quote]Are you certain that these are consequences of EU membership? Could NHS difficulties be caused by an aging population and funding that isn't growing with the per-person costs? If we had zero immigration would that definitely fix the problem? The under 16 population has waxed and waned many times and we've always coped before. Current numbers are not unprecedented so how is it that EU membership is preventing us from adapting?[QUOTE=Serenity]Add to that a near than useless border control due to the heavy burden put on it by the freedom of movement system within the EU,[/quote]It's not clear how you feel it is useless? Are there long queues? Are there unstaffed ports and airports?[QUOTE=Serenity]We're running out of brown spaces to build on, So what next start building on our green spaces. [/quote]"Government figures show that the amount of brownfield land becoming available for re-development is far outstripping the rate at which it is being used and there is enough available for 1.5 million new homes."Campaign to Protect Rural England, 2012[QUOTE=Serenity]Are you going with the statistics are what you see and hear around you.[/QUOTE]What do you see around you? It's really hard to try to put your mind at ease about our membership when it's not really clear what you concerns are. You've said that it means we are "unable to decide on our own laws" and that "we [will] end up with no rights left at all" but you've not been able to give any examples of laws we can't make or rights we are losing. You've mentioned "the big question of protecting our borders" without saying what the problem is or how you think leaving the EU would fix this.