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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=slim]Info like that Goggins is gold and needs to be out there for all to see .
It seems that the out campaign think the American president was laying it on thick about a trade deal between the two country's ?
That's a very dangerous acertion to make .

Slim since this thread opened I've been looking around the Internet for some information that
would help me decide one way or the other. But unfortunately all the reports and statistics I've found are so conflicting they really didn't help much.

So I've taken the time to read and engage in this thread and to try to understand both sides of the EU argument. But that not helped much either.

What really worries me somewhat is that whilst statistics play a role in this debate they can't really be relied on or trusted as they naturally change constantly anyway.

So personally I'm going to vote with my heart and what I see going on around me all the time, such as our local nhs stretched to breaking point, our local schools not being able to cope because of to many pupils and not enough school places,

Add to that a near than useless border control due to the heavy burden put on it by the freedom of movement system within the EU, and a what i see as a lack of negotiable engagement within the EU, proven by David Camerons last failed attempt to negotiate on behalf of Britian.

I just think that staying in the EU isn't offering the good deal it once offered Britain when we first signed the agreement many years ago.

I suppose you could probably now say that we never really totally engaged with the eu by not adopting the currency (thankfully).

So now to cling on hopelessly to a what to me seems like a failing system that's not up for change seems daft to me. Its not just about the risk of being totally run by the EU and as such risk losing our identity and strengh as a nation, and the right to govern our own country, but also about losing our right to protect ourselves by being able to control our borders effectively, something that I can't see us being able to do whilst we remain within the EU.

The Freedom of movement within the EU on our resources to me has become unsustainable, and set unfortunately to get worse. We cant build houses fast enough now. We're running out of brown spaces to build on, So what next start building on our green spaces. Even with all the houses we can possibly build our finicial resources and the infrastructure such as the nhs just can't cope.

So in my view slim the negatives now far outway the positives of remaining within the EU.

But that's just my personal opinion view on the matter slim. I'm sure I'll get more statics hauled at me telling me why I'm wrong.

You've still not said slim which way your going to vote. Are you going with the statistics are what you see and hear around you. The choice is yours slim.