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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=Goggins]Can I take from all that copy/paste that there are no laws you would like to enact but can't and that there are no rights that you fear you will lose?[/QUOTE]

Most statistical information is second hand be it cut and paste or otherwise. But all the points are none the less relevant and need to be raised and considered as well. It's not just a leave or else campaign.

This is why I would have liked to have seen more information from the goverment outlining the merits of leaving the EU as well as for staying.

This is what I find totally frustrating at the moment that the EU debate seems to be very one sided in favour of leaving.

I'm not saying that staying within the EU isn't the right thing to do but I would like to see a lot more of an equal debate going on around it.

At the moment I feel that everytime you switch the tv on David Cameron getting another buddy to back up his argument to stay in, and that it's a done decision to stay.

This is a decision that will effect my children and their children so I'm trying to vote by trying to carefully consider all the information I can get my hands on.

But as you can appreciate it's all very conflicting. Which is why I said it will probably end up being a vote made from the heart.

I can appreciate that things like kèeping down pollution by the EU imposing targets might be seen as a way that the EU have protected Britain and improved the environment. But if these targets are being ignoring(at a cost) then these regulations are not really working. But without them what have we got I ask.

Then then there's the big question of protecting our borders. How do we do that whilst remaining within the EU which will make it virtually impossible.

I would have liked to have seen David Cameron come back from Brussels with lots of his proposed EU changes being approved but he didn't, which lead me to believe that the EU machine is not for changing. And that in the future there will be no turning back and that we will eventuLly become a small clog within an ever growing EU machine.