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Serenity posted..

Glass half full half empty. Leaving the EU has never been done before, so who really knows what the outcome will be.

All the points that you made seven miles to stay and Oliver made to leave are very valid. None of which I was really aware of.

So are you really saying seven miles that if we leave we've no real protection from this present government and we'll be back of the que for trading abroad.

Well as for protection from the present goverment I can't honestly say that I've been that impressed with whatever goverment is in power so far, and I've seen many come and go. So if we do leave we'd just have to elect another one. No doubt labour would probably then say that we've been in favour of leaving the EU all along, so vote for us, and so it goes on and on.

I'm not against staying in the EU but I don't see any possibility for change, David Cameron proved that in his failed attempt to make change this time.

So what's left stay and get more of what we have now...unable to decide on our own laws,.. immigration that we can't control...industries going to the wall......doctors not been treated fairly and with dignity. ..cut back after cut back....and so the list goes on and on.

So whilst all your reasons to stay might be right seven miles, for myself I don't want to see Britain absorbed into the EU so much that we end up with no rights left at all, no matter what goverment is in power. And only left with EU laws and regulations.

That's not what Britian is all about....