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Sevenmilesout posted..

Great post Sam, very interesting.

A few important points.

1. Leave n Lose have NO forward plan. Just jump into the deep, black pit, naked, blindfolded, with your fingers crossed.

2. The EU core value of Freedom of Movement is almost certain to continue. A) As part of the price of accessing the Single Market, along with obligatory trade regs. & legislation. The UK cannot afford to lose access. B) To protect 2 million Brits, who live and/or work in Europe, having made their decision to migrate on the back of our EU membership.

3. The continual lies from Leave n Lose, leave them with zero credibility. For example, they will tell you that the membership cost is £55 million a day. IT ISN'T. The net cost is LESS THAN A THIRD OF THAT (Official treasury figures 2015)

4. The UK's largest trading partner is the US, on the back of our EU membership. As much as you may not like it, Obama was telling the truth. The UK as a solus country will be at the back of the queue. His words came as no surprise as in the last few weeks, both US & Chinese trade officials have stated that they are NOT interested in any large trade deals with the UK, outside the EU. The EU, as the World's largest Single Market is the cherry.

5. All the financial experts, the CBI, which represents 200,000 small, medium & large UK business is backing STRONGER IN along with 80% of it's membership, with just 5% wanting an exit.

6. 95% of the Unions are backing STRONGER IN, including the NHS unions & the TUC.

7. A vote for Leave n Lose gives the Tories a open ticket to do exactly as they wish for the next 4 years at the expense of ordinary people. The EU protects ordinary people & is an emergency brake on the UK government. so necessary since the G.E.

8. The UK (foreign owned) car industry exports 80% of it's product, in the main to Europe and to a lessor extent, the US. BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley & Nissan have written to each of their employees, detailing the threat of an exit. Airbus UK, wholly owned by Airbus France has also written the same type of letter to it's 10,000 employees.

9. Personalities should not really make a difference, but they do. Remember well, the faces of Leave n Lose. Duncan-Smith, a vile & evil man, Farage a compulsive liar & abject conman, Gove, a disastrous ex-Education Minister, Johnson, a buffoon and the man who burned £50 notes in front of homeless people, Galloway,Grayling, Whittingdale, Bone. Google them all, they all have form or notoriety for one reason or another. Most of them have a desire to privatise the NHS & as a further negative, Leave.eu is funded by a tax avoidance company in Gibraltar.

10. In the last four months, the Pound has dropped 20 points against the Euro. It regained 3 points this week as a result of positive STRONGER IN polls. ALL the currency experts have predicted that it will drop a further 20% in the event of an exit. This will mean an inevitable hike in the cost of living, for those least able to afford it as the UK relies heavily on food imports from the EU. Absolutely crystal clear that the Pound will buy less.

11. The threat of an exit has seen a huge drop in new jobs being advertised. For the three months to Feb 2016, unemployment increased by twenty-one thousand. It will increase again by 15,000, following BHS & Austin Reed going into liquidation. The writing is on the wall.

If you want to check whether a statement is a lie, myth, misinformation or a just a completely stupid, Boris Johnson false claim you can visit this excellent web site.